1. Real Time Data Capture
  2. Backfill using TradeTiger Ticklisting
  3. Backfill using Intraday Chart Data

Real Time Data Capture

TradeTiger 1.0

Follow the below steps to start zero delay data capture from Trade Tiger 1.0

trade tiger rt data capture

TradeTiger 2.0

Follow the below steps to start zero delay data capture from Trade Tiger 2.0
  1. Open a watchlist in TradeTiger
  2. Select a stock in the watchlist and right click it. It will open the popup menu
  3. Select Snap to Excel--> New Snap in the popup menu

  4. In the file dialog opened, select path as C:\Sharekhan\TradeTiger2.0\SnapToExcel, enter file name same as watch name and click on Save button

  5. Wait for the excel to open and the data to update
  6. Switch to Manshi RT and click on "TradeTiger" icon under "RT Watchlist" tab. It will open the TradeTiger watchlis dialog
  7. Select the excel name under in the watchlist and click on "Start RT Data Capture" button

Backfill using Trade Tiger TickListing

To import data from the Trade Tiger ticklisting, import folder needs to be specified. This is set to "C:\ManshiRT\ttBackfillDir"
by default which you can change it later. This is one time activity.

backfill folder
Upto 5 days of backfill is supported using Trade Tiger Ticklisting. The following details the steps required for backfill:

Double click on the script to backfill in the Trade Tiger watchlist. This will open the Intrady Chart

intraday chart
Click on the "Graph Interval/Type" to Open the "Intraday Bar Size / Display"

In the opened "Intra Day Bar Size / Display" dialog opened, select period as 5 D and interval as 1 minute and close the dialog.

intraday bar size / display

Right click on the intra day chart and select TickListing menu option. This will open the ticklisting dialog.
Right click on the ticklisting dialog and chose "Save Tick" option.


Save the dialog to the "Trade Tiger Ticklising folder" specified in the "TT Settings" Dialog in earlier.

save ticklisting dialog

Once the ticklsting is saved, ManshiRT will open a dialog to show the import parameters as below.
Please note if this dialog does not open, please click on "Backfill" button as given in the first figure in this section.

import data

In majority of cases, simply clicking on "Import" button is enough to import the data to the right symbols.
However, if you want to data to go into a different symbol, you can edit the symbol manually. Alternatively,
you can check tie "Select Symbol From Watchlist" and select a symbol from the current watchlist.

Backfill using Trade Tiger Intraday Charts

Using Intraday chart features of TradeTiger, it is possible to backfill for one day. When a intraday chart is
opened in Trade Tiger, ticklisting data is automatically saved in intraday charts folder which can be used for
automated backfill. This does not require, manual ticklisting import.

Further with "Graphical View" feature of Trade Tiger, which can open up to 6 intraday charts, 6 symbols in
Trade Tiger can be automatically backfilled.
Specify the intraday chart folder for TradeTiger. It is usually "C:\Sharekhan\TradeTiger\ChartData\Intraday".
Further ManshiRT should detect it correctly in most of the cases.

chart import settings
  1. Open intraday chart in TradeTiger and let the data download. 
  2. Open as many charts as you need to backfill 
  3. Click on "Backfill" button above